We win!

Congratulations ladies and gentlemen, the Interclub TT series winner this year, is well, US!

Well done to all those who trained, competed and delivered that fantastic result. To quote Steve Rogers “We stormed the 6 hour at Revolve (Brands hatch)” – looked fabulous, I’ve seen some drone footage, that’s another story. A big thanks to those that gave up their time to support the TT throughout the year too. Nice work team GSA.

Ps I have to get this in sorry, it’s cathartic, I couldn’t make it due to 211m / 17,000ft and 25 per cent hills in the CONSTANT rain in Yorkshire instead. Ahem.

Brand new Avanti clothing bargains – as Autumn bows in.

Two bargains in the offing. Size 6.

Elite W&W Winter Plus – fleece-lined windproof, water-resistant membrane with 3 back pockets. Asking price is £40, RRP £98 – grab yourself some warmth just in the nick of time.
Elite Gamex – very lightweight wind-proof Spring/Autumn jacket with 3 pockets on the back. Asking price is £30, RRP £70.
Speak to Lee Powell if you are interested or need some detail via committee@gsavanti.co.uk

What’s App?

As you probably know it’s a pretty useful App for your general daily goings-on. Now you can sign up to a GSA App Avanti Chat, if it's not working then cut and paste
https://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/4llGOH2kiNY9dXVzgf6rWF for exchanges about anything to do with cycling. It’s early days and as more of us sign up momentum will gather and we can use it for gossip, knowledge, keeping tabs on riders, safety, traffic alerts – your choice, get in and sign up.

….for Forum chat and exchanges over anything you think your two-wheeled fellows may benefit from, best to use THIS

Rides this weekend

… Please note these important points:
START: (all start at the curiously named ‘G’, AKA the Royal Oak pub, Green St Green)
SIGN UP: Think of the ride leaders please and help out by signing up asap so they can plan for potential group sizes.
RIDE: Look after each other, wait for the last riders and check all are well during the rides.

7.45 for 8.00am start. Rolling through Oxted and Eynsford. Pace to suit those assembled. Sign up HERE

12 noon start. G2 paced ride (expect 16-18mph). A shorter ride is planned – possibly a wet one so come prepared and think of the poor soul following you, bring the ‘mud guard bike’ if you can. Sign up HERE. It's weather dependent so following keep checking the link for updates.

9.15 start. G3 paced (I think 14-16mph). To Aylesford Priory.
Sign up HERE.

Next club meeting – date for the diary

Come along and hear, be heard and find out first what’s coming down the road. Meeting are friendly and informal. Pop it in your diary now. All the deets HERE

That's all folks. Happy, safe and careful riding out there.