Dear reader

A brief newsletter this week folks as club activity is dominated by the mighty KK.

Hopefully if you're involved on Sunday you know which team you're in, where you need to be and when. If not then shoot main man Lee Powell a mail (treasurer@gsavanti.co.uk) but only in an emergency as he already has a big plate with plenty on it!

In case it's escaped your notice it's pretty cold with the temperature forecast to hover around zero for much of the weekend. Wrap up warm if you're on outside duties and let's hope for minimal cases of hypothermia amongst the riders! On the upside, it looks dry and I for one will take cold over cold and wet any day of the week.

The biggest event in the cycling calendar (for us anyway) means no club rides on Sunday. Tomorrow morning's ride is still theoretically going ahead but a quick scan of the event on the site shows that people are bailing or considering bailing due to the early morning temperature so check the latest if you're planning to attend.

If you do ride this weekend please take care. A couple of Avanti riders got hurt last week in separate incidents, at least one of which was directly related to the cold weather. There looks like there will be some sun this weekend but beware getting lulled into a false sense of security - there be ice lurking in the shade!

One other thing to mention before signing off. Bill Fitzgerald (newly appointed social secretary) and Steve Rogers (many things including marketing and comms meister) will soon be sending out a survey canvassing opinion on what social activities members would like to see the club offer. So please look out for that in the near future.

Ok that's it. Have fun this weekend. Stay safe and stay warm!



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