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As December looms the sun seems to want to hang about along with the promise of mostly dry roads and moderate temperatures for the time of year. Shorts or no shorts?

GSA will be focusing on the Bexley Reliability Trial on Sunday and we are still looking to boost our presence. Fancy some proper miles/KMs? Chris Dines has kindly offered to coordinate our entries, read on to find out more..

Bexley Reliability Trial – Sunday 18 November

We might have as many as 30 Avanti Riders for the Bexley Reliability Trial. Please register on the website event page if you haven't already done so. Please note that the 'register' link failed when I (newsletter editor) tried it... the link in this paragraph leads you to the organisers with contact details however.

Chris is coordinating our entries. He will have entry forms, which he will complete in advance.

Please send him the required information which is listed below, contact him by:
  • Your address
  • Contact number
  • Target time (for the 100km, it’s 4hrs, 4.5hrs, 5hrs).
Riders can set off from 9am, and Chris will be there at Horton Kirby Cricket Club from 8.30am. As long as you have made some effort with club kit (leeway allowed for conditions!), Chris will be paying all of your (£5) entries, on behalf of the club. He will be setting off last – and at an easy pace.

See you Sunday. Chris Dines.

A big hand for Tim Johnston and Rob Grunfeld…

Tim entered the cyclocross national trophy race at Ardingly on 10th Nov, his first time crossing over from SE league to national level. Read his entertaining report, sounds tough and sounds like he overcame quite a few obstacles in the name of experience and GSA. Nice work Tim.

Meanwhile Rob Grunfeld won the KCA, BAR - Best All Rounder, for the second year running, quite something when you bear in mind this required competing in time trial events at 25, 50 and 100 miles over a 12hr event!

Thank you both for flying the GSA flag.

Boy in the hood(ie). Actually, who wants a nice shiny new hoodie?

We’ve got one spare small club hoodie going at £20, as new. If you are interested and want to avoid seeing that poor pun again next week, please snap it up by dropping Steve Rogers a note steve@fifeclub.com
Alsoif you miss out on this one or it’s not your size then let Steve know if you fancy one. With enough interest Steve can put an order in this side of Christmas, with a week turnaround, so the quicker he builds a ‘want one’ list – the better. Drop him a note at the email above.

The joy of socks

Not content with clothing a significant part of Kent’s population in GSA Hoodies, Steve is also targeting your feet, luckily for us with Alpaca toasty longer winter socks. Details including a nice sock graphic with a thread (written, not woollen) to let Steve know if you want to treat your feet.

Rides this weekend

You still don’t need to reach for the full on Winter Smurf-ware yet as Saturday ranges from 7-10 degrees, Sunday 5-9 degrees with sunny spells and a moderate breeze.
As always please hit the links below to let the ride leaders know you will be riding and arrive promptly observing the start times. If you can, download the route and be prepared to support the leader as larger groups are often split for safety reasons.
All rides start at the ‘G’ – aka The Royal Oak car park Green St Green.

40 miles. 8am. Sign up HERE

All hands on the Bexley Reliability Trial if you are free. See the first article in this newsletter.

There is a light that never goes out.

That’s not entirely true but it did allow me use a Smith’s song title for no obvious reason. For those that haven’t seen this Lezyne light it’s very cool and I thought you might want to know about it.
As well a being a multimode LED back light that can be super visible, it projects two bright red lines onto the road either side of your bike helping make you appear as a bigger object for traffic to note and move out for. I’ve bought one to help me off my backside and do a bit or winter commuting. Shop around prices vary.

One thing to note is that the light is designed to fit on your seat post, placing it elsewhere alters the angle of the lines and makes it far less effective, tricky if you use a saddle bag. Health and Safety never looked so cool however.

A big (re)welcome...

To Alethea Lowles who has rejoined Avanti. Kudos for doing that in Winter by the way. See you on a ride soon.

FREEBIE.. for the quickest, fun thereafter.

And finally…don’t forget the club social on November 20, First 20 odd members, first come first served, get a drink on the club. After that it’s a pay your way – all the details and to sign-up

Actually - don't forget the Christmas bash,

expressions of interest and sign-up right here, right now.

That's about it. Be careful out there!