Hi All,

As the Tour de France comes to a close and it looks like another British winner ( this time one whose lived in the country), our thoughts turn to what we might be up to this weekend.
The weather might have changed a bit by the time of our rides, but it'll still be warm !

On offer this weekend we have the following :

Early Saturday Ride.
40 miles round the KK route, taking in some of the big hills
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The Sunday Selection.

G1. Will be taking on a 70 mile ride out to the flatlands of Marden.
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G2. Will be riding the same route as G1, so if you fancy giving the G1 pace a go, but not sure you'll be strong enough you’ll have the option of returning from the cafe stop with the G2 riders. Similarly, if you want to start with G2 you'll have the opportunity to take the fast “train” home.
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G3. Lindfield is the route for the G3 ride this week, although at this time we are still looking for a ride leader. If you can lead the ride please let everyone know on the event.
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G4. Currently there is no G4 ride information up on the website, but keep your eyes peeled as I'm sure it will be there soon.

Tuesday Rides

A safety warning :
Please ensure you have lights for the Tuesday Rides. They always finish after sunset, and if, as experienced this week, are affected by punctures/mechanicals it will finish in the dark. Whilst it’s going to be a personal decision as to the power of your lighting, its expected you have the lights that you are comfortable to ride with on your own in the dark. No one should rely on the light provided by others whilst in the group as a means to ride after dark.

Flanders Sportive - Rider Call. A message from Bill Fitzgerald.

With 6 weeks to go until the Flanders Weekend Trip, it's time to start thinking about rider entries, travel and accommodation requirements.
If you've missed the website posts about this excellent weekend please take a moment to take a look here.
You don't have to ride the long route as there are several distance options all starting and finishing at the Eddie Merckx cycling museum in Ghent.

Please can you show your attendance of this event via the link above as I will be meeting with Chris Dines next week to discuss the logistics of this. If you decide a bit later I'm still pretty sure we'd be able to fit you in, but we need to start arranging things before it gets to close to the event.


Club Shop

The shop will be re-opening on 1st August, and will be open for the first two weeks of the month. Thus it will be closing on 14th August.
New stock back in the shop........
We have a new batch of summer caps, gloves and arm warmers now available.
I assume the arm warmers will be of more interest to those planning for the Autumn months, as opposed to the present !


I saw some cyclocross news popped back up at the top of the forum posts this week, so had a quick read.
There’s a great write up of Tim Johnstone’s race in round two of the summer series.
Maybe having read the tale of battle, you’ll be one of the Avanti riders who could join Tim for the next round ?
Click here to read the story

Time Trails

Last night was the Polhill TT, watch out for the results on the TT page.

Next up is the Avanti marshalled event on the Brands Hatch course, this Monday, 2nd August The event is a two up TT affair so if planning to give it a go, best make sure you have a partner. To sign up for the event, and coordinate partners visit the Riders event here.

More importantly however, to sign up to help marshall this event, sign up here.
Don't forget, if you ride TT's , you should also volunteer to marshall one.
It's as simple as this , if everyone who rides a TT marshals once, Avanti will easily fulfill its obligations to the series.

New Members

A warm ( what else at the moment), welcome to Carl Burgess who joined the club this week. Hopefully we’ll soon see you out on a club ride.

Upcoming events to consider getting involved with :

6th August - Club meeting.

11th August - Brighton Big Dog

9th September - Circuit of Kent.

15th/16th September - Revolve weekend at Brands Hatch, including the Four Up Team Time Trial.

Have a great weekend , and enjoy your time on the bike.