Dear reader

The weather is looking steady and drier, if not quite the heatwave we are all hoping for... no matter, comparatively speaking the heavy annoying rains have gone to harass someone else, leaving a bit of 'that's more like it', sort of brighter, drier-ish weather!

Rides this weekend.

All starting at the 'G' (Royal Oak pub, Green St Green)
Saturday. Hillphobics delight!
8.00 am start. The weekend kicks off with 40 miles of virgin territory (well some bits), especially configured for those with a dislike of steep hills. To quote Nick “Just one or two nice draggy ones instead”. Please sign up this evening so Nick can gauge enthusiasm. Downloading the route is a great help too. Pace depends on the group and the willingness to tackle those long drags… Sign up HERE.

Sunday. Big one if you have the time and the legs...
8.00am sharp. If Saturday didn’t hurt enough then Graham has a planned a remedy in the form of 170K / 1500m climbs to sunny, well probably greyey, a new word I have invented to neatly describe everyday this year, Rye and back. Nominally G2 pace and the promise that G3 riders wishing to stretch themselves will be accommodated. Sign up HERE.

Sunday. Shorter for the time-strapped.
9.15 start. 80k / 1000m climbs. Alan Else is leading a route out to West Malling, Ide Hill and Grey Ladies. Sign up HERE.

Sunday G4. There’s a G4 popped up in the forum for Sunday, 67k – best to sign up or get more details by adding to the thread HERE.

A few other bits

Pru 100 ballot
Alan Jarrett is looking for those wishing to throw their name in the hat for a potential place, especially female riders. Drop a line to Alan via ljpiphone.avanti@gmail.com
and a message will get passed to Alan.

Eating curry. It’s easier than cycling and the seats are comfier.
Curry infused social evening laced with cycling small talk and boasting on the April 19. Please let Bill Fitzgerald know if you can tikka time to poppodum to ‘Village Cuisine’, Farnborough (really sorry, long week). Register HERE.

A big welcome
To new member James Wickens, see you on a ride soon James.

All that’s left to say is enjoy the, relatively speaking, blazing heatwave this weekend as temperatures limp towards a heady 13-15 degrees, the cloud gives way to lighter spring-like cloud and the chance to finally discard the adapted clip-in wellies arrives.

Have great and safe weekends. Alistair