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Hi reader

Well, it's certainly getting colder but we've also been lucky with some absolutely beautiful days recently which have shown this part of the world off in its full glory. I hope you've managed to get out on the bike and enjoy some of them and that there are a few more on the way!

Christmas dinner and awards presentation

The Avanti Christmas dinner and awards night is filling up so if you are planning to go please book up as soon as you can. Mr Dave Bettinson (and wife) have done a great job on researching the food (and, no doubt, the wine) and arranged a fantastic evening at a highly subsidised price with some surprise entertainment.

You can find all the details and how to book your places here. It's £15 per person which includes a three course meal then coffee and mince pies so it's a pretty incredible deal (the club subsidises the evening) - it promises to be a great night but places are limited so book up this weekend to avoid disappointment!

Club meeting this week

We had a very successful meeting this week including voting on awards for this year (to be unveiled at the Christmas Dinner) plus we made an important decision with respect to ongoing ride safety for the club.

We will now be putting on quarterly training sessions at Cyclopark to teach those that are new to it how to ride safely in a group.

Our new members range from those new to the sport (or to sport in general) to experienced athletes and riders. Group riding, however, requires a set of skills and knowledge that even those that can comfortably ride 100k at 30kmph may not possess.

We feel it's important that everyone has a common understanding of what's needed when riding in a group to ensure everyone is safe and able to enjoy the ride. We considered a number of options and decided that focussed sessions in a controlled environment would be the be way to achieve this.

New members can still participate in group rides on joining the club but will be expected to take part in the next available training session. We don't want to be too dogmatic about this but believe that inculcating the required skills and disciplines through both real world group riding and these training sessions is the best way to ensure the safety of all (which ultimately leads to a good time on a bike which is why we do it after all!).

It's worth bearing in mind that we never stop learning and it wouldn't hurt for existing members to attend a session as well. Details will be available soon (courtesy of Lee Staples) so we hope to see plenty of people taking advantage of the opportunity.

This weekend’s rides

Speaking of group rides, this weekend's are up on the site. There are 8am options on both Saturday and Sunday plus 9am G2, G3 and G4 rides on Sunday too. As it's winter G1 has been mothballed and there will only be slightly more relaxed G2 rides until Spring rolls round.

All ride details can be found here.

Club training

Tuesday night training sessions are still on. Meet at the Church of St Martin’s, Church Road, 7:30pm.

If you fancy going, join the GS Tuesday night ride Whatsapp group and let Lee and the others know.

Club kit

The online shop is open from today for two weeks - access it here. Please note there are two links on the shop page, one for the standard kit and another one for stealthy black shorts and bibs.

We also have a couple of returned (unworn) Avanti jackets as they were too big for the original punter. They are size six so if you are a reasonably large dude and fancy a bargain these are being knocked out at half price. Contact kit@gsavanti.co.uk for specifics on these or any other kit related matters.

Ok, that's it. Have a great weekend and happy riding

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