Hi, reader

Coming at you from the frosty, snowy depths of Kent...
Pretty glad we're not in Minnesota below -30C there!
The weather is playing havoc with riding in the real world but turbos are being dusted off or acquired and I see a lot of indoor and online efforts posted on Strava - good to see people keeping moving but also being sensible.
There's a difference between Rule 5 and making it to work the next day.
Welcome to Ed Wilkie - he made it out on a ride last weekend and loved it so much he joined up immediately after!

Last weekend we had similar weather and the rides and our participation in the Sydenham Wheelers Reliability Trial was not quite as packed as expected.

Looking like the usual rides are cancelled this weekend - including the Saturday ride - there is an off-road Saturday ride I think and a few people looking to do similar Sunday - check the whatsapp groups and please post onthe website if you arrange anything for a wider audience.

Sunday it's the Old Portlians CC Reliability Trial - not sure who'll make it but... from Tony who's arranged entry:
Due to the fact we used a little less budget than envisaged at the Sydenham RT last week, it has been decided that the club will pay the entry fee for ALL GS Avanti riders who wish to participate. I cannot be at the start to administer this, so we have agreed with the organisers that this will be sorted out after the event (Michael Fowler and Paul King from Old Portlians CC are aware of this and will send us a list of participants afterwards).

Therefore, please fill in the form at the start, but do not pay.

The only stipulation remains that you must wear club kit (making you instantly recognisable as an Avanti rider at sign on). If you do not have suitable club kit for the conditions, could I ask that you have an Avanti kitted rider vouch for you at the sign on (we only want to pay for GSA participants after all!).

(NOTE also that I am sending a preliminary list to organisers this coming Friday evening, so if you are even thinking of taking part, please indicate your attendance. You can of course still turn up on the day...)

We have our final club meeting of '2018' on 21st Jan with the AGM to follow the week after - see the website for more details.
If you're interested in getting more involved in running the club - please let us know - committee@gsavanti.co.uk

We had the club AGM on Monday - not much changed - but we'll be sending out a writeup of what did happen in due course. One of the main topics is we'll need more people willing to step up and help organise things - stay tuned.

Race News

Sunday 10th Feb it's the CX Team champs - would be great to get a good Avanti turnout there - for those of you that haven't raced CX yet - including the MTBers in the club - it would be a fun day out. We have 2 teams of 3 so far - so we can accommodate another 2 people into those to make teams of 4, or if we can get 3 more riders we can put together a third team! Please comment here:

KK Update - Weekend 2/3 March
Claire, Alastair and Tony are still waiting for responses from a lot of club members with regard to helping out at the Kentish Killer.
Everyone in the club should have received an e-mail by now - if you haven't already, please respond as a matter of urgency, even if you cannot make it!
Thanks to those who have responded - you will be contacted nearer the time regarding roles.

Stay warm and upright out there!