Hi, reader
I've been grumbling for weeks about Christmas decorations being up too early - but now December is finally here. I'm excited because I have some shiny new Ice Spiker tyres for my MTB - metal spikes in to help traction on ice! Not for club rides but to prepare for the Strathpuffer - a 24 hour MTB endurance race in the Scottish Highlands next month. Rob and I are taking part as a team and I started to write up a blog about it:
I'll be posting more updates and I'm really hoping for some terrible weather so I can try all the kit out that I've been gradually acquiring.

Christmas Party is coming up in a few weeks - look forward to seeing lots of you there.

How about the below for a holiday destination?
This is Koksijde - a legendary Cyclocross venue that a few Avantis attended last weekend in Belgium. Great results for Brits - 1st in the under 23s men, 2nd in the womens race! The venue is a bit odd though - decripit holiday homes on an old airforce base... Still - plenty of booze, chips, mystery meat and Euro techno/oompah to keep it entertaining.

Helpers are not just for Christmas
If there are any new members (or old) out there who are interested in joining the Avanti newsletter team - please get in touch - we have a good group already but would be even better if we had more views from around the club.
If anyone has stories - big or small - they'd like to share with the club - please send to news@gsavanti.co.uk.

Kit News
I've still got half of the hoodies from our last order for people to collect. If you haven't already please contact me to arrange - I'll have them at our next club meeting on December 10th if you want to come along.
If you're interested in a new hoody - please sign up here:
The Club Kit Shop is now open for December and will be closing on 14th December - get your orders in in time to get some warm kit in January.
The new alpaca socks are in production and should be with us in time for Christmas.

Race News

Tomorrow is the Regional Championship at Cyclopark for Cyclocross. Good luck to Tim Johnson and Andy South who are entered. A few more CX races coming up - great fun for anyone that fancies a bit of dirty but safe fun on a Sunday...

Club activities this weekend
Wet overnight but mild and the rain should be finished by the time the club runs start tomorrow - remember your mudguards but don't wear too many layers - remember boil in the bag curries? Also please remember to click on the event to let ride leaders know that you'll be attending.

Early Saturday Ride
Sounds like they didn't get too wet today - well done for venturing out! I managed a ride on the turbo and rollers this afternoon.

Sunday G2

Chris Dines was leading a ride out around Basted - but he's now unable to make it - I think Adie will lead - enjoy the ride - should be a great route.

Sunday G3
Ian Soper is leading a ride out to the Aylesford Priory - I like that venue and his route takes you on a really good route on the North side if it - where the G2 ride normally goes South.

Sunday G4
Dave B leading out to Hilden Golf.

Stay warm, dry, safe and visible - but have fun!