Hi reader,

It seems like last week-end was a bit of a puncture fest for some. The main positive from this was that Denis got his wonder tool out multiple times. There were even pictures posted. I think Claire W is still getting over it, but it did prove very handy for removing tyres without pinching the inner tube. After "carry on puncturing", hopefully the sequel will be "carry on pedalling", with more than acceptable weather forecast for this weekend. Probably no cycling for me as I'm currently needing to sleep 23 hours a day with man flu. The wife hasn't noticed any difference though.

A warm welcome back to a renewed member Alethea Lowles.

Some offroad cycling with Sefi.
Sefi is enjoying his new cyclocross bike and would love people to join him this Sunday on some trails for a little adventure somewhere, nothing too extreme or serious. I guess MTBs are fine? You can find his details on the website. Post a message there or contact him on the WhatsApp cyclocross or chat group.

Social Evening and Hoody Collection
There's a social evening at the Queens Head on Tues 20th Nov with some money behind the bar I believe. Sign up here. Steve will also be there to deliver hoody orders. If you've ordered but haven't paid yet, please use this link.

Xmas meal and awards
Sign up and pay here for the annual dinner and awards. There's 50 places and as of Tuesday there were around 15 left.

This weekend's Rides

Join Nick and the crew for a 40 mile loop around Chartwell and coffee at Belmondos. Sign up here.

G2 are off to Penshurst. Sign up here.

G3 Claire C will be leading a group Lingfield. Sign up here

G4 Watch the website for details

Have a warm and dry week-end.