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A somewhat belated Happy New Year from me. I hope you are looking forward to a fun year of cycling ahead, making use of all that the club has to offer!

It’s our AGM this coming Monday evening, and it would be great to see many of our 150+ fully paid up members attending. It’s the opportunity for all members to influence the direction of the club – and to see where and how you can help.

We are a “Community Amateur Sports Club” (CASC), and one that is run entirely on a voluntary basis. The club only exists because of what individuals put in to it.

The AGM is being held at the Bromley Court Hotel, Bromley Hill, BR1 4JD. Please RSVP on the event page – does help if we know how many are attending.
The AGM is not particularly formal and we have our own private bar to finish the evening. It’s a particularly good opportunity to find out what everyone else is planning for the year – and get to know others in the club you might not otherwise meet. The Agenda is simple:

  • As current Chairman I’ll do a quick review of the year
  • We look at our finances and propose a budget for the year ahead (and we are a club that has the resources to support new initiatives)
  • We’ll elect formal officers and Committee members

As a CASC we have to adhere to certain rules. That means we must (annually) elect a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and plus a wider group of individuals who join the Club Committee. Committee members play a regular role in supporting various activities in the club and have a vote at Committee Meetings which they should endeavour to attend (4 to 6 a year). I am keen to expand the Committee.

The table below shows the current Committee Members and who may or may not be standing for election on Monday. A small hint – if you are keen to get involved and participate in the Committee, I suspect we will find space!

Proposed (see notes below)
Formal Officers (for CASC):

Chris Dines
Lee Powell
Lee Powell (TBC)
Richard Short
Alan Jarrett (TBC)
Committee Members:

Membership Secretary
Claire Clarke
Claire Clarke (TBC)
Club Coach
Lee Staples
Lee Staples (TBC)
Time Trial Secretary
Dave Bettinson
Dave Bettinson (TBC)
Marketing & Comms
Steve Rodgers
Steve Rodgers (TBC)
Sportive Coordinator
Tony le Vey (TBC)
Club Kit Managers
Marek Sasura
David Haines (TBC)
Mick Coulton (TBC)
Roles for Discussion:

Club Captain
Social Secretary
Others? Ride Coordinators?

I have “TBC” on the above, as everyone will a) formally need to confirm they are standing and b) others might be interest in the same role. I can safely say that in my 9 years at Avanti we’ve not had the excitement of a real head to head vote! Might be fun 😊

I have put up some roles for discussion at the AGM. Personally I am keen to have a Club Captain who really champions (on bike) participation right across the club, but there are different views on the need for that. I also like the idea of a social secretary as we are a growing club and could do more to get people together during the year. I think it would also be good to have our regular ride coordinators on the Committee as well – they would be very welcome indeed.

Finally, I am not standing for Chairman (unless nobody comes forward). I spent several years at the club building up the KK, and then stepping into the Chairman role at the start of 2015 – but only for two years I said. I agreed to stay on during 2017 but my involvement has dropped off due to ill-health, business and travel in past few months. I’d like to concentrate on doing a bit more cycling this year, but have really enjoyed being Chairman. It’s good fun, rewarding when things go to plan and we are blessed with many really good people in the club.

Finally, a quick word about rides this weekend (for those willing to brave the weather!):

  • Nick will be leading the usual, and ever popular, early Saturday ride. This week taking in Carter's Hill. Details here
  • G2 will be heading out to Teapot Island by the shortest route possible to avoid the rain. Details here
  • Phil Hookway will be leading G3 out to West Malling. Details here
  • G4 will be led to Brookside by Charles Lockwood (out via Basted, back via Plaxtol). Details here
Please RSVP on the event and download the routes to your Garmins - both are a big help to ride leaders.

See you Monday!


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