Hi reader,

As the push me, pull you weather continues, scrambling between winter cold and, damp coldish, the latest forecast suggests above freezing temperatures at least, if a little rain in the mix maybe but really not much - no matter, anyway there are rides to suit all this weekend. Many thanks as always to those who plan and lead them.

YES IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN, THE KK is calling you!
Our big club-supporting, fun-subsidising, charity supporting event of the year is in planning and we need your support so your club can support you.

You may well have received emails asking you for your help. Please respond to these with your availability and if you can’t help out then please let us know so we can note that and not keep sending you reminders.

Our reputation gets a significant boost too attracting new members and giving us serious kudos. Please look for those emails and reply asap. Thank you.

Keeping up the NY resolutions - to get on the bike more? Here is your chance.
Sydenham Wheelers and Old Portlians Reliability Trials (27th January and 3rd February 2019 respectively)

These are examples of the kind of thing the Kentish Killer’s profits enable; we have decided to pay for fifteen places for each and it’s a ballot, so you need to sign up to see if you can bag a freebie.

All the details and to sign up:
Old Portlians, click HERE

Sydenham Wheelers, click HERE

Rides this weekend:
  • Meet at the G (Royal Oak, Green St Green)
  • Etiquette: Please sign up ahead of the ride so the leader can plan for numbers. Where possible ride with lights and mudguards please. If you have a nav-device download the route. Thank you.
Speed determined by those assembled
Start time 8.00am
Distance Circa 40m
This week’s route has been planned to allow for early turning should the weather gods not shine on us. Sign up HERE

Speed: G2
Start time 9.00am
Distance circa 50m
A gritted route - sign up HERE.

Speed: G3
Start time 9.15
Mick is busy so this ride is without a leader - if you can step up and help please do and update this THREAD.

Speed: G4
Start time 9.15
Distance circa 40m
The route has been planned to take account for potential frost. Sign up HERE.

Please don’t forget…
Committee meeting, 21 January.
Something on your mind, have a great idea? Come along to hear and be heard.
Details HERE.

It's a swift one as it needs to go out now...... Ride safely, have fun,