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Hi reader

I've been off the bike for a few weeks - taking part in my regular pilgrimage to Japan where I enjoy physical and mental pain and enlightenment. As a fellow cyclist I'm sure you can understand my drive to fill my time with these kind of challenges. By the time I got home I was exhausted but relishing getting back on 2 wheels and I had a very enjoyable spin around the ultra-flat Flanders last weekend - I need to reintroduce myself to hills gradually... I've a cyclocross race lined up for Sunday for which I'm woefully unprepared - but hey there's no time like the present. Cold, wet, dark - welcome back home! I look forward to catching up with my fellow Avanti over the remaining weeks before the end of the year.

Christmas dinner and awards presentation

This weekend is your last chance to get booked up for the Christmas dinner and awards-fest - a great way to end the year together and reflect on our achievements. Reservations need to be made before the end of the weekend - so get a place whilst you still can!

You can find all the details and how to book your places here. It's £15 per person which includes a three course meal then coffee and mince pies so it's a pretty incredible deal (the club subsidises the evening).

I look forward to seeing an array of tasteful Christmas jumpers on display.

Feedback on Winter Training

It's a little late - but better late than never as we still have plenty of Winter weeks left.
The past few years we've been running turbo training sessions during the week and Lee has been thinking about alternatives.
Could you please let us know what kind of training you'd like to take part in over the cold months - it's important to ensure you get off to a healthy start to Spring 2018.
Here's the link to the survey - we'll compile results over the next week and use them to organise the sessions to keep you fit over the coming months:

Race News

We're mid-way through the Cyclocross season and we have a lot of club members really enjoying the thrill of speeding around muddy fields and parks on a Sunday instead of avoiding cars on the roads.
Our very own Mrs Smith has made a great start with a recent podium finish on her hybrid MTB - just goes to show you don't need a fancy cross bike to take part.

This weekend’s rides

Saturday - John and Nick will be out at 8:30 for a shorter ride than usual.
Sunday - we've currently got options up for Ian Soper leading G3 to Grain and Charles Lockwood leading G4 to Brookside. G2 will hopefully emerge before Sunday - keep your peepers peeled.
The forecast isn't particularly good - stay safe out there!

All ride details can be found here.

Also - for those of us that aren't able to make it out on rides - and newer members - it's good to keep up with what's been happening by reading the write-ups in the forums. These have not been as forthcoming as usual lately - reminder that ride leaders should write up their experience and it's great to hear feedback from everyone about their rides - even if they are out themselves. It helps everyone get to know each other and feel part of the community. So please get your fingers at the ready once you've recovered from your rides - it really does help:

Club training

Tuesday night training sessions are still on. Meet at the Church of St Martin’s, Church Road, 7:30pm.

If you fancy going, join the GS Tuesday night ride Whatsapp group and let Lee and the others know.

Club kit

The online shop is open for one more week - access it here. Please note there are two links on the shop page, one for the standard kit and another one for stealthy black shorts and bibs. Warm club kit is really good at this time of year - be sure to get your order in now if you want to have some before the weather turns sunny again.

We also have a couple of returned (unworn) Avanti jackets as they were too big for the original punter. They are size six so if you are a reasonably large dude and fancy a bargain these are being knocked out at half price. Contact kit@gsavanti.co.uk for specifics on these or any other kit related matters.

Arigatou gozaimashita!

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