Hi reader,

Bike ride wins! As there is little sign of snow for the weekend more fun can be had on wheels than on a huskie-propelled sleigh of which there are few to go around anyway. If you feel there is an argument in favour of purchasing said sleigh (and Huskies, food, vet bills etc, they are not just for Christmas) then raise it at the AGM, of which more later and expect deafening silence as a result.

Helmet cams and near miss reporting
It’s a bit of a safety heavy newsletter but that’s a reflection of the recent experiences of some club members and our treatment by some inconsiderate drivers. As a result Dave Bettinson is looking into funding ride leader helmet cams. It’s early days and under discussion. If you have a view then please note the next point as it’s bound to be a topic at the AGM.

Come along to catch up on goings on or contribute ideas and how you think the club could get to the next step. As you may have seen in ‘Club chat’ Alan Jarrett has put ‘near-miss’ reporting on the agenda – sad that we have to discuss it but it’s a sign of the times and the club is open to all views. There is fun stuff to talk about too!

Bromley Court Hotel, Bromley Hill, London, BR1 4JD
Darwin Room - 19:30 - Mon 28th January 2019

Bringing up the rear…
…or in fact keeping it down. No nagging intended but just a polite note to ask that you don the season’s greatest group ride accessory – the humble mudguard. Anyone who has ridden in a group will have experienced the joy of ingesting and wearing most of the backwash from the rider in front as a rooster tail of filthy and possibly poisonous spray covers you. Mudguards make the person behind you like you. As Geraint Thomas never said. “fit or get covered in…”

A thought from my wife
A hot topic in the household this month has been making sure I’m fully aware of the amount of cyclists out there that and I quote “Just cannot be seen until I’ve virtually hit them, why don't they have lights?”. It got me thinking. Some road users seem to be looking for reasons to pick on cyclists. Making it harder for them to complain is a passive weapon. If you join a group ride please fit some lights, even ‘be seen’ blinking LED lights at least help road users realise they are fast approaching cyclists and who knows, they might even move over as they pass.

It’s even more relevant when we ride in club colours as I’m sure those determined to dislike us will be happy to tar with the same brush too of course.

Rides this weekend
Please sign up using the links below to help the ride leaders plan.
Rides start at Royal Oak (aka the ‘G’), Green St Green.

40 miles.
Start time: 8.00am
Speed: To suit those assembled on the day.
With a nod to the time of year Nick has planned a route that allows for early turning should the conditions worsen, otherwise it’s billed as more rolling than with obvious big hills, however, best decide for yourself so check out the route and sign-up HERE.

40 miles.
Start time: Confirmed as 9.15
Speed: G4
The route has been planned in such a way it can be re-routed if the riders encounter ice.
More details HERE so check in and sign up.

40 miles.
Start time. 9.15
Speed G3
Out to Oxted/Four Elms/Sevenoaks/Sundridge and home through Halstead. Full route and sign-up HERE.

And finally.
Christmas party! Just a reminder not to forget to go - as long as you have booked of course. Have fun!
If you need a date, time and menu reminder it’s HERE.

PS there is a ride on the 23 Dec (HERE) if need to ride all the food off, which looking at the menu, you will.

That’s all and assuming I will not see anybody as getting free weekends away from family duties seems pretty much impossible of late, have a great Christmas and ride carefully, stay safe, have fun.