Hi reader,

Firstly a big welcome to new member Chris Thompson.

Blimey, where to start... The weather is still with us, that's a start :)

Last Sunday saw a mass of Avanti cyclists taking part in the Circuit of Kent. It was a great event for those that managed to find their way lol. The weather was good (ok a bit windy) but there were some last minute changes which caught a few people out. I personally really enjoyed cruising around with a large Avanti contingent. I did think doing Carter's Hill right before the finish line was a bit cheeky, it reminded me of a Saturday ride :)

As if that wasn't enough, some people raised the bar even further and did the annual Flanders Mooiste pilgrimage. Reports of both are on the website.

Riding for this week-end: (Please use the links below to indicate attendance)


The Saturday ride is still on, BUT for this week-end is a flexible invite/placeholder... a DIY, turn up, discuss and go affair, since so many of the regulars are doing the Brands Hatch TT. If you turn up for this, you might want to come with a route in mind.

The main event for Saturday is the Brands Hatch 4Up TTT. Translated - a 4 person team, all going round together, taking turns on the front (probably), doing 3 laps of the full Brands Hatch Circuit. The finishing time is taken from the 3rd person to cross the line.


G4 - will ride out to Hilden Golf via Ide Hill (back Lane) Wheatsheaf Pub, Penshurst, Leigh, Hildenborough. Hopefully we can enjoy the garden Cafe. Return via Shipbourne, Plaxtol, Bat & Ball and Maypole Hill to Chelsfield. Approximately 40 miles, usual pace, Jenny Hill your ride leader.

G3 -
Are off to Speedgate and being led by Claire Watson.

G2 - Sefi Dakar is leading a ride to Hildenborouogh 1809 Cafe.

G1 - A lot of people are doing a 6 hour TT at Brands, so not sure this will take place.

Brands Hatch 6 hour TT It's too late to sign up, but watch the website for any reports.

Tuesday Rides
Don't forget the Tuesday training rides are continuing, they're not just for the summer. Just make sure you have your lights! Lee is promising that they're more social paced this time of year, so be prepared for a lot of chatting as you climb Fackenden!? :)
Next week's event is here

Have a great 2 wheeled week-end in the sun.