Hi reader,

With October arriving on Monday, and Strictly back on the telly, there's no escaping the countdown to Christmas has now started. If you're not convinced, just visit a garden centre, they've all got the Christmas displays out already !
Crazy really when we've enjoyed a week with temperatures back up in the mid 20's for a day or two. On that front the weather is looking good for the weekend, with a mix of sun and light cloud, so every reason to get out there on the bike while it lasts.

Thus, the riding menu to feast upon this weekend :


The Early Saturday ride will be leaving the G at 8am and heading East to Offham, before returning via Plaxtol for post ride coffee in Belmondos. Sign up here


G4. Charles Lockwood will be leading our G4's this weekend to Hadlow College.
Its a 9:15 start for this one.
Sign up here

G3. Alan Else is leading the G3 ride to Lingfield.
9:15 start for this one.
Sign up here

G2. Are heading to Tulleys Farm. Joint ride leaders this week are Chris Dines and Hamish Brown.
A 9am start for this one.
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G1. There is no specific ride planned for the G1 group this weekend.

Upcoming events......

Club Open Day – 14th October 2018.

As now appearing on the website, we are planning the second Club Open Day rides for 2018 on 14th October 2018. Coffee and cake on the club…What could be better ?

The ride leaders for that date will select their routes to stop for refreshments at Speedgate Café. (normal meeting time at the G – generally 0900 for a 0915 start. Please check the website nearer the time for up-to-date information. As an open day, we will hope to have a number of guests and potential new members joining us for the rides.
We may therefore need some extra ride leaders, so if you are willing to help with your particular ‘G’, please comment on the event here. Hopefully, everyone can arrive at the café at roughly the same time.

With all the rides converging for coffee on Speedgate, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know a few more members by stretching the legs with the ride home from the café in a different group (hopefully a quicker one, but necessarily).
Normal rules apply for club rides (no-one gets left behind), so why not give it a go?
Lee Powell will be the contact man on the day.

Breaking news - New Club socks are coming

It’s been 2 years since we bought our last batch of club socks and we are restocking in time for Christmas. (That word again).
This time we’ve been working with a local manufacturer who is extremely passionate about socks - he came along to our last committee meeting and wowed everyone with sock info. https://iben-cycle.cc/
We were all amazed, but in particular the alpaca socks were the standout - they were lightweight, warm and felt really good, so we figured that we’d start with an order of these as winter is coming. Steve Rodgers performed some research and alpaca fibre is really quite amazing - hollow fibre that is lighter and better insulating than wool, with better wicking and natural anti-bacterial properties. Merino is everywhere but alpaca seems to be the new gold standard - obviously it’s not cheap with such features but it’s not that much more expensive. A key feature is that the sock can be made in a thinner fabric than a winter merino wool sock but provide the same levels of warmth but with superior wicking etc.
We’re gathering initial numbers for our order - the more we order the cheaper they will become. We will order enough to keep stock but ideally we’ll take enough interested numbers to keep everyone that wants some toasty new socks happy. Please let us know your shoe size and how many pairs you’d be interested in here :https://goo.gl/forms/2tRNjQaizEGmVdLk1
We’ll be finalising our first order by the end of next week (5th October),so please have your responses in by then. Depending on numbers, the socks will be between £12-16 per pair - which is good value for such luxury.

In addition to the socks, we’re ordering more T-shirts, and these should be in stock in November. Also, we're considering ordering a batch of hooded sweatshirts (full-zip), in the same colours as our lovely royal blue club-Ts.
As the hoodies are bulkier than Ts, we won’t hold much stock so we’ll be looking for the numbers to commit to reserve theirs when we place an order. Price will be around £20, so please add your interest on the form alongside the socks.

For general kit sales, don't forget, the club shop is open each month for the first two weeks of the month, so open again from Monday and closing on the 14th.

New members

Joining the club this week is Jonathan Fryza. Welcome to you, and looking forward to seeing you for your first ride.

Tuesday training rides.

Don't forget these are continuing, they're not just for the summer. Just make sure you have your lights though !
Next week's event is here for you to sign up.

Back to business.

The next Club meeting is on Monday 8th October.
These meetings are not exclusively for the committee members, they are open to all members. If you have some thoughts or ideas, or are in a position to offer some time or expertise to the club, it would be great to see you there. Many hands make light work as they say.

Enjoy your cycling this weekend, and enjoy that sun whilst it lasts.