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After the snow and ice of last week-end, this week-end sees storm Eric (or Erica?) coming at you with huge winds forecast, but at least it looks set to be a little warmer. What's the betting of 100% headwinds when ascending?

Saturday saw a couple head offroad (me and Andy Mc) and out into the snow/slush. Good fun and highly recommended.

Sunday's Ye Old Portlians CC Reliability Trial suffered from the weather, with the very real risk of ice. A few brave Avanties gave it a go at the later start time and shorter course. A few Avanties made it the whole way, whilst others decided it really was too dicey and turned early, no shame there!

Race News

Sunday 10th Feb it's the CX Team champs - would be great to get a good Avanti turnout there - for those of you that haven't raced CX yet - including the MTBers in the club - it would be a fun day out. We have 2 teams of 3 so far - so we can accommodate another 2 people into those to make teams of 4, or if we can get 3 more riders we can put together a third team! Please comment here:

KK Update - Weekend 2/3 March
Claire, Alastair and Tony are still waiting for responses from a lot of club members with regard to helping out at the Kentish Killer.
Everyone in the club should have received an e-mail by now - if you haven't already, please respond as a matter of urgency, even if you cannot make it!
Thanks to those who have responded - you will be contacted nearer the time regarding roles.

Saturday Ride
A nice hilly one in preparation for the Hell of the Ashdown (HOTA) next Sunday. Sign up here

Sunday Rides
The full menu of Sunday rides can be found here. Please indicate your attendance by signing up.

May the wind be on your back!