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    Hamish Brown

    G2 Yalding Classic

    Martin R, Dave B, Allan (new) and Henry (newer) plus myself headed out for a quiet spin around The Classic Yalding route. We picked up Johnny E along the way, clearly likes the extra hour in bed and a threshold effort to find the gang.

    All going nicely until a mile and a half from Marden Dave decided his rear wheel would be lighter without two of the key spokes.
    Martin got his special tool out and showed some close control Jack Grealish would be proud of whilst working his magic around two of Dave’s nipples thus removing the offending spokes. Johnny E took control of Dave’s now spare mudguard and looked more like the winter cyclist we love. Lets hope your new ones arrive from Australia before too long…

    We dropped Dave at Marden station to get the train back to Orpington and headed on to Teapot Island to pick up Matt “Vidal Sassoon” Whale and turned into the wind for a slog home. (Disclaimer : for all the teapot haters we did not enter the building and rode on, It was purely used as a meeting point)

    Lovely to see Matt out back on the legendary Giant, albeit for just a few miles.

    Allan had a slow one outside the aptly named Snail (slow puncture not slow Allan that was) and here we all split as the locals decided to take the short option back home, leaving just me and Martin to head back to the G.

    I then spent a couple of miles somewhere pointing at every pothole and obstacle as one should of course, only to realise that I’d been riding solo for a while and must have looked like a 1st class t**t to any passing motorists. No change there then, at least my pants weren’t inside out 🥺

    Regrouped into our group of 2, and hit the top of poll hill with a big bunch of the Old Ports. Nice to see a club smiling at the top of a hill. I told them they run a top notch reliability trial with the best selection of mid ride sugar and a cup of tea that I’ve ever seen offered, and they told me the guy I was riding with had punctured at the bottom of Poll Hill which would be Martin.

    Having seen Martin change most peoples tubes on a club ride whilst everyone else stands around and watches, I opted to stand around at the top rather than go down again to help. Turned out he had a slow and just needed to add air to get back, validating my decision to wait at the top.

    Battled a bigger headwind back along the A21 to the G than anyone could ever suffer (even in one of those legendary bi-directional time trail headwinds we all suffer from) and made it to Pooies for a number 2 and a couple of coffees.

    Quiet ride planned, eventful ride ensued. Lets hope the club Xmas dinner is less eventful.

    Good chat, good company, good job I don’t do write ups very often.

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    Alastair Wood

    Great run out and nice that the roads were a bit drier than of late, John and Henry certainly kept us up to speed and the latter was quite impressed we stuck with him when he pushed it on a climb, hope he enjoys G2 today and will be convinced to join up – thanks also for making Michael welcome on his stint with us

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    Simon Vaughan

    Group 2 consisted of John C, Alastair W, Martin D, Claire W, Henry S (welcome) and myself. We set off a couple of minutes behind the first group and tracked them up towards poll hill. We then found we had a 7th of Steve B. Cruising through to Otford and just at the railway station some poor unfortunate soul got a puncture (me). The rest of the group dutifully stopped and as quick as I could we were underway again. Up through Ivy Hatch we picked up one of Alastairs friends (Michael) to make 8. At the top Martin decided to turn as he wasn’t feeling it in the legs.
    Then came the beauty of such a flat route, clipping along at a lovely pace before a banana stop in Golden Green. An uneventful trip back saw Michael peel off before the climb through Plaxtol, up poll and to Belmondo’s just in time to hear about how good the sausage sandwich was.

    Thanks to “Duracell John” Caine, and Henry for towing us round.

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    Neale Napier

    A decent turnout at the G today for the Saturday ride. We decided 2 groups was the way to go. In my group were Tom S, Julian S, Grant R, Colin S, Andy Mc and yours truly.

    Personally, I loved the nice speedy route. It was a lovely day, a bit mucky on some roads, but seen a lot worse. We did lose Tom just coming into Hadlow, but he sooned turned up. A dropped chain was to blaim. We decided to make Hadlow our fuel stop.

    We were at Belmondos by about 10:30 and for the first time that I can recall, we managed to bag the big round table.

    BTW – I can confirm that the sausage sandwich at Belmondos is very high quality. I would say it was a nice Lincolnshire sausage. Much better than the usual cafe cheap stuff.

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