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      Steve Rodgers

      Is that the Tron bike that got that Zwift guy DQd?

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        Neale Napier

        One of the same (they do come in slightly less bright colours though)

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      Neale Napier

      12 Avanties lined up for a 1 hour ride around Zwift’s Sand & Sequoias Route. Bill, Simon P, Simon V, Claire, Nolan Wilkens, Toby Middleton, Sarah Svjetan, Sam D, Richard L, Matt Whale, Denis M and me. Zwift is really busy right now and when the countdown ended it had a little burp. Bill, Simon P and Sarah were left stranded on the start line (the difference a week makes). After burning some rubber trying to get his bike to move, Bill aborted the meetup and went solo to catch us, having given us a 2 min headstart. I was watched as Bill lit the blue touch paper and managed to catch. Chapeau.

      We trialled using voice comms (discord), but only a few joined this and whilst we were busy talking it became apparent that the Whatsapp group was missing out, so we just switched to Whatsapp. Not sure if voice will work for a large group, even with 4 it was getting a bit confusing for me. I wasn’t even clear who was talking at times.

      You can change the rider view in Zwift but I’ve discovered the drone view. Yes you can literally control the position of a drone and take pics, so I had some fun with this.

      The route was chosen as it’s one of the longer routes and hopefully less busy. It has a lot of flat and 3 main hills. Hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves. Same time next week!

      Oh and Toby wins the prize for brightest kit and bike. See if you can spot him in the pics!

      Hope all are keeping well.

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