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    Tony Le Vey

    Thanks to Russ for leading the ride and Chris for the company as well. Nice, lumpy route made a little more difficult by the breeze in a small group. Old Polhill was fine apart from the (dark) section through the tunnel, which was full of mud and a tad slippery. Carters a real pleasure as usual…

    Good to meet Dave from G4 at the start; with no G3 or G4 rides advertised and nobody else around, he started out with us, then peeled off at the top of Mount Rushmore to do his own thing… see you again soon…

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      Steven Butler

      A bit late posting this but had a fantastic chilly weekend in Belgium (rain, sleet, hail and a bit of sunshine) with some work colleagues for the Liege Bastogne Liege (last of the spring classics) and completed the 158km sportive on the Saturday – covering six of the famous climbs and loads of others in between including Haute Levee at Stavelot which had those challenging cobbles that I was hoping to avoid and failed to do so in the town just before the main climb, Col Du Rosier and the worst of the lot La Redoute (20% in places).
      The Pro race the next day saw Team Sky get its first major trophy and we saw the signing on ceremony in the main square with a flock of talent including a rather sheepish Mr Froome who tried to disguise himself by wearing another team member’s kit and Nibali who was actually booed on the stage a bit. We watched the race action on the final climb the Rue de Naniot which was a brutal 600m 11% cobbled climb in grimy Liege and the field took a good twenty minutes to pass through with Froome and Nibali dropped completely. It was great to see the suffering on the pros faces and makes your own efforts of the previous day seem strangely all worth while.

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    Russ K

    test from steve

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    Russ K


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    Russ K

    G2 was a small package on a big adventure today! The 9.15am listed start time and the promise of a hilly ride (maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned Carter’s!) meant that many chose the earlier fast’n’flatter G1 loop (which sounded like fun…loved the write-ups guys),

    So the four of us (Chris M, Tony, G3/G4er Dave and myself) set off for a lovely lumpy ride. The weather was pretty crazy, with a cold wind and even a little hail on the way to Bidborough, but the good company and stunning views more than made up for it. Tony said how lucky we are to love and ride in such a beautiful part of the country and he is so right!

    Chris suffered the only puncture today, but otherwise all went well. Dave had to peel off early, and Chris had to head home for a bit of plumbing DIY after coffee and cake at the 1809 cafe (which was London Marathon crazy when we were there!) This left the ‘hardcore’ of Tony and myself to enjoy the delights of Carter’s and a few other lumps before giving the Old Pole Hill climb a go on the way back to the G (I’ve missed Old Pole Hill!)

    50+ miles, 1250+ climbing for the ride, and 70 miles 1600m for me today, with a speed of just under 16mph. Thanks guys for coming today…really enjoyed it. Just got to do something about this knee pain now…


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    Nick Patow

    To complete the Saturday ride picture…… Eight of us continued along to the top of Gangers Hill, where a quick check established we were all comfortable to go down, knowing we’d need to come back up. Mindful of time we dropped down Tandridgehill Lane to cut out the planned loop out and back on Tandridge Lane, and instead headed for home via the back of Oxted and into Limpsfield. A roll along Pilgrims Way was expected to bring us to Polhill ready to give it our all, however a puncture for Pete in a really tricky spot on Sunridge Road put pay to that. Whilst six of us waited in relative safety by the smelly farm on the corner, Pete and John did the necessary 400 yards back down the road. Once reunited, we set off, a little colder than hoped to reach for the top of Polhill, and the drop down through Halstead back to the start. Hopefully the ride offered something to all, and proves to be the first of many to our new members and guests.

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    Marek Sasura

    A very good G1 club ride today to Tulley’s Farm! LeeS led Graham, RichardS, Sam, Ed Davenport (good to see him after a long break) and myself. Patrick stayed with a slightly slower contingent (Stuart and Richard Liston who has had an amazing recovery after health problems and surgery last year and he has also managed to get the Cycling Coach Level 2 licence at the same time, absolutely well done, Richard!).

    Lee’s group worked well together under his cautious eye and a few loud instructions when he got out of line. We averaged just over 30km/h (19mph). The course is fairly flat (1000m/3000ft of climbing) but we were facing quite a strong headwind on the way back.

    It is amazing how fast we can travel when the group works well together. Thanks to Lee for keeping us together and to everyone else for a company and a very good effort! It is a very nice route, thanks Patrick for choosing this course.

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    Patrick Norman

    Sundays G1 ride was well attended, 11 riders in total (too many to name… and my memory fails me!). We set off at a good pace on route to Tulley’s farm in Turners Hill. Unfortunately the pace was a little hot for a few, a combination of health issues and doubling up rides on the weekend meant that we needed to split the group.

    Lee S took a G1’ish group from Lingfield to Tulley’s while I guided the G1.9 group. I was reliably informed that Marek, not content with the 61 mile out and back decided to take G1 on a little detour adding a mile or two! in the end both groups got to the stop within a minute or two of each other.

    As always Tulley’s had a good selection of coffee and cake available while we warmed up. Its a popular destination for cyclists with cyclists easily outnumbering other punters 2:1.

    On the way back we kept the two groups split and the tired legs of G1.9 made for some quiet miles as we knuckled down. On the return leg we experienced sun, cloud, rain and light hail often all within minutes of each other.

    Thank you all for your company.

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    Chris Dines

    A quick write up from me – a good turnout a the G, with 10 riders wrapped up for the cold weather.Two first timers – Justin and Julian (I think!) – joined the band, for my planned route to Gangers Hill. Andy Covington, Golden Graham, Alan J (good to see you back on the bike), Peter (with new bike), Ash, plus stalwarts Nick and John.

    Great ride out through the lanes and hills to the top of the downs. At that point, Graham and I both had to switch to home early – sorry everyone!

    Though it was cold, I was amazed at just how many club (and other) groups were out – every road seemed to have lots of cyclists in both directions. Fantastic.

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    Chris Dines

    Please share your stories here!

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