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      Steve Rodgers

      Amazing effort!

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      Neale Napier

      Crazy, but one of the best cycle rides I’ve done with fellow Avanties indoor or out. Just 2 10 min breaks, no cafe stops or tempting cakes to break up the ride. Indoor or out, the satisfaction and sense of camaraderie are just the same. People watching each other’s back, regrouping etc. 6 hours indoor cycling though… never again, but then again, never say never 🙂

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      Simon Vaughan

      This was it, the big one. Doing the longest set route in Zwift. A bunch of intrepid zwifters have been slowly chasing down these routes during lockdown for entertainment and to avoid long rides in the outside world.

      The PRL Full is 11 loops of zwift london, 175km & 2500m of climbing. That’s 11 times up box hill, phew.

      So 8 turned up on the start line at 7am this morning, shunning the great forecast outside. Neale, Julian, Grant, Bert, Sam & Myself from Avanti. With a couple of additions from my Zwift friends of Tom and David.

      Early legs were just waking up so a few calls out to keep it easy on the first lap were adhered to. Bert, Tom & Sam being the more powerful riders was my sneaky plan for a bit of free drafting for 11 laps & to jump them at the line. Bert started having ANT dropout issues so a couple of soft pedalling so he could check the cat wasn’t sitting on the router. It didn’t help and he finally split from the group, with half an hour a lap, we thought it would only be a matter of time before he was back. Adam appeared and rode with us the 3rd time up box hill but with a meetup being a private chat it would be short lived as the first cafe stop was planned for 4 laps. Just before 2 hours in a stretch of the legs was nice. It was at this point Sam left us to enjoy the real world.

      The next 4 laps were fairly uneventful, Adam flew past up box hill and into the distance. We established Bert hadn’t stopped and was now ahead of us. There was also a visit from Lee as we passed him at the bottom of Box hill only for him to take that as throwing down the gauntlet and motoring back past us with Grant hanging on to his wheel. We all knew Grant would pay for that later.

      The second rest stop was after 8 laps and with a few additional minutes added to the break I had the time to go downstairs for a coke and a much needed caffeine boost.

      Back on the bike at 11:15 and we were rolling again for the final 3 laps. Lap 9 was getting through the heavy legs. Lap 10 turned out to be a race up box hill just for fun. All posting best climbs of the day. This burnt a few peoples matches, I think we peaked too early. Down Fox hill and round to the start banner and we dropped Grant. Tom went back (having kindly played sweeper all day) to give him a tow but Grant couldn’t hold such a powerful wheel with dead legs. With the call to leave him Tom rejoined the pack. At this point Bert was a lap ahead and pretty much at the finish.

      So final drag up Box hill, Neale having set the teams PB on the last lap found going tough so we waited for him after the decent to do the final flat 10km in a victory V formation. Crossing the line at 6 hours and 53 seconds. Damn, we’re going to have to do it again for sub 6!

      What a brilliant ride with 7 completing the PRL Full route and Julian completing the route hero of checking off every route badge in the game. Chapeau. Only 4 to go for me, luckily none as long as that. My wife is looking forward to me finishing (it gets a little obsessive)

      Strava has that as my 4th greatest effort behind the Maratona & Etape. Phew, a well earned afternoon of food drinks and lying in the sun.

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