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      Richard Liston

      Thanks for the excellent write up Simon 👍🏾

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      Simon Parker

      That was brutal!! The G3 Big Guns (Denis M, Richard L and myself) at the back had a long day (night) in the saddle, with over 2 hours on the clock by the end.

      We decided to trial using Discord, to communicate and to keep our trio together during the ride. I think it worked better than messaging each other via the App, but we did have some blackouts as we went – from my end it was probably an overload of Bluetooth Channels.

      During the first circuit climb we managed to keep within touching distance of each other, regrouping past the KOM Arch, near the ski resort of Igls (wish I had my skis for the decent!). During the steep sections, Richard managed to drop his chain a couple of times, which I am sure he was conspiring to achieve for a quick breather. It meant that Denis and I could ease off a bit, while we waited for Richard to rejoin the brutality!

      Following the fast decent (circa 80kph), we arrived back in Innsbruck, where Richard found a fresh lease of life and escaped out the front door, leaving Denis and I to work together to reel him back in, just before the sprint alongside the river (The big guns weren’t at the bottom of that leaderboard!!).

      The second, reverse climb up to Igls, created splits in the group and losing radio contact with Richard, didn’t help. This proved to be each man for himself, as we ground out a slow ascent to the KOM Arch. At one point we started reeling in Nick P, but 4 minutes 30 secs was a big ask!! At the top Denis and I regrouped for the decent into Innsbruck – unfortunately Richard was some way back by now – his fitness is improving each week, but the brutality of this ride will only make him stronger next time.

      The two man decent was speedy and efficient and the finish line a welcome sight. Whilst Denis and I were debriefing at the end, radio contact was re-established with Richard, where farewells were exchanged, before heading off to bed!

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      Neale Napier

      We upped the anti a little more with two pretty brutal climbs at InnsBruck on a figure of 8 circuit. The first ascent was the steeper side and the 2nd the “slightly” less steep one. It started with a joining fail from Simon V trying to join at the last minute. By the sound of it it was 50% self inflicted and 50% a zwift bug.

      I went pretty full gaz on both hills and ended up climbing with Dan, Nolan and Bill. It was within a minute for all of us with Dan taking the Kom closely followed by the rest. We had a quick regroup at the top for people close behind, then enjoyed the descent and fairly flat cruise around Innsbruck before going back up the hill we had just descended. Dan again took the kom followed by Nolan. I decided it would be a good idea to hold Bill’s wheel and we ended up having a fairly intense climb together. To be fair, I was just hanging on and wasn’t in a position to take turns with Bill, so thanks to Bill for pushing me into the red.

      Hope the big guns enjoyed the view from the rear. This week we used the new meetup only view which means you can only see riders in the meetup. This makes it easy to see at a glance fellow Avanties on the course and the gaps, thus making it easier to regroup. It’s also good for quickly seeing the groups that are forming and tracking the battles. The downside being that if you find yourself in no-mans land, there’s no-one else around.

      Flat route next week. We need a break from climbing!


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