29 April Virtual Ride – Surrey Hills

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      Simon Vaughan

      Leading from the back again I see Neale. Photo evidence this time 😉

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      Neale Napier

      I had a great time being pushed/pulled up the hills. I’m sure there are some flat routes somewhere…I’ll keep looking. We have Innsbruck ACHTERBAHN next week. Apparently it’s German for roller coaster 🙂 Similar stats to Surrey Hills but just 2 climbs instead of 5.

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      Simon Vaughan

      A beautiful group isolation ride in the local Surrey Hills was scheduled this Wednesday. Thoughts of fresh air and warm virtual sunshine on my back came crashing down as the sweat poured from my brow up all of the 5 hills. About 13 people started off on the group ride in central London for a minuscule flat section and a warp through a disused tube tunnel straight into the base of Fox hill. The group soon split into about 3. 5 up front were Neale, Bill, Dan, Andy & Myself. With Sam & Nolan not far behind as the aptly named foxes.

      A rapid ascent of the first hill set the pace for the rest of the ride and a short wait at the top brought the front 5 together. With minimal warm up I wasn’t sure i’d make the whole ride at this pace. Down Box and round to Leith Hill for some more elevation. No mountains today but combined climbing of around 1000m over 45km. Leith has a nice gentle ascent followed by a kicker and I was once again in the red to the top. A slight pause and we were on our way down Keith hill and through Richmond park to the base of Box hill. Dan, Bill & Myself up front switching positions to the top. I was trying hard for a PB on this one only to realise at the top that starting Box from the wrong direction doesn’t count damn it! Oh well Bill kept me honest to the top & I could only imagine that he probably wasn’t breaking a sweat.

      Regroup for the front 5 at the top and down Fox to the base of Keith hill, once again Dan & Bill tearing off in front of me and I didn’t have enough left in the legs to stay in touch. A slight pause for a regroup at the top saw us all fail to actually stop and roll down the other side before the rest could catch. Waiting where it flattens out the rest came haring down with Sam & Nolan catching rapidly so a few seconds extra and there were 7 to do the parade through Richmond park to the finish banner.

      Now for those route hunters amongst us the Surrey Hills finish point is actually back at the top of Fox hill so a little extra was required to gain the badge and XP. My legs now warm although with 800m in them I managed to set a PB and a cool down for the decent.

      Great ride everyone, thanks for the company and Bill for making me push up each one of the hills. Are there any flat routes in Zwift i ask?

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