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      Simon Vaughan

      Just realised that my reply didn’t post. The EPIC battle wasn’t so epic at all. Dan smashed me on the hills by a good 1:40 according to Strava

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      Simon Parker

      The big guns at the back had another Epic ride. As we arrived at the bottom of the climb, I found myself shouting expletives at my screen as my Bluetooth decided to bailout and I came to a stand still. I was closely tracking Alistiar at the time, with Denis in hot pursuit and Sarah intermittently appearing on the bottom of my list of nearby Zwifters.

      As we started to climb, I managed to reel in Alistair, who would turn on the power each time I got alongside him. Denis was clearly in my rear view mirror maintaining a consistent 6 second deficit. The climber extraordinaire, Sarah, at this point appeared to be about 90 seconds behind.

      As we ascended at a consistent pace and time gap, I recall Neale claiming we were nearly half-way, which was encouraging, as I could still see his glowing yellow beacon, about 30 seconds ahead. More concerning, for the scrap at the back, was seeing that Sarah had closed the gap to 30 seconds!!

      Shortly after this Alistair seemed to disappear out the back door (later WhatsApp exchanges suggest that he went all out, without consideration for how much more climbing was still to be done).

      Then Mr Napier started to goad the tail-blazers – “Simon P – Denis is right behind you!”, “Come on Sarah, you can catch them!” – that was enough to keep me pushing up the Bonus Climb, keeping Denis at about 6 seconds, but with Sarah now only 20 seconds back.

      It was great that the speedy light-weights waited at the top for a re-group, before a well deserved burn-up down the Epic KOM trail. This is where the “big guys” at the back come into their own, with Denis setting a blistering pace on the front. I managed to get a toe down the decent with Dan, meaning I could cruise at 80kph, with next to no effort.

      On the run back into Watopia City, I lost Dan in the crowd, but managed to find Denis and George in their “His and Hers” bumble bee lycra. In a flash Neale went flying past followed by Nick, who was kind enough to give me a toe into the finish line.

      Another epic Avanti Virtual ride – looking forward to next weeks tour of the Surrey Hills already!!

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      Neale Napier

      There were 12 (I think) for this weeks. Since the Watopia EPIC KOM proved so popular last week, we did a similar route this week but did the EPIC KOM in reverse (the steeper side).

      The first 5k started well, with people briefly finding speeds groups. After that the groups went into smaller ones. I ended up in the middle riding up with Nick whilst keeping an eye on the front and back. At the front was an EPIC battle between Simon V and Dan to reach the top, they can fill us in on that one. Towards the rear there was also a scrap going on between Simon P, Denis and Sarah. Sarah really does seem to like hills. Can someone from that group fill us in with the details?

      We agreed to regroup at the top. Unfortunately for Nick, he didn’t stop pedalling whilst still on the flatter part and found that gravity made him unable to stop, ooops! I was also aware that Alastair was no-where to be seen, then suddenly he came on the radar again before disappearing. If anyone has seen Alastair could they let us know please. It’s still a mystery.

      Next week we’re going (and climbing) a little further in the Surrey Hills. Hope to see you there.


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