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      Simon Vaughan

      14 signed up for an evening jaunt up the mountain. The route of choice was Muir and the Mountain which turned out to be a nice roll through titans grove followed by a lengthy climb up epic KOM and the “bonus climb”🥵

      The group started at a nice pace and the bumps in the woods soon saw a front group develop including Neale, Tim (joining us all the way from Washington state in the USA), John M, Sam, Toby and myself. We weren’t using the bungee today so the real success was that we stayed as a group the whole way round

      We soon arrived at the bottom of Epic and the effort quickened to around 3w/kg and stayed pretty steady till the rollers at the top where Sam lit up the board showing his true form to the arch. A short punchy climb to the radio tower and a quick regroup at the top before setting off down the mountain. Took us half way down the mountain and a kicker for the group to come back together but from there is was a roll to the finish banner.

      Then the bad news, we had to climb the Titans grove KOM once again for the official route completion badge.

      We lost touch from group 2 so hoping that someone can add their experiences

      I had 39km, 914m of climbing in 1:21

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