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      Neale Napier

      The flat route this week enticed 15 riders. That was soon down to 13 as zwift newbie Tony LV had a join fail as did John M. Great to see Zwift regular Bert join in the evening fun for the first time and welcome back to Claire W with power pedal batteries replaced.

      We mostly managed to keep together due to the flat route. We had some drops caused by slight rollers and then losing the draft. Losing the draft (like real life) is a real killer. Unless you’ve got a lot of spare capacity, you really are toast if you drop by more than 5 secs unless A) the group slows or B) a sweep team is dispatched. What was really cool was that these were immediately spotted and sweepers automatically dropped to pull them back. A few did eventually lose contact to finish at their own pace, but only after making the call.

      Overall a very different ride than the recent hilly affairs with a very different feel. I think people enjoyed the sweeping (AKA a workout) or the leading (AKA a workout) combined with the drafting safety of the group. A slightly hillier affair next week where we do 3 laps of the Richmond UCI worlds course. Nothing too extreme though, as we have another week leaving the mountains behind. The mountains will be back!

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