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Hope all goes well with your move to France.

Looking forward to coming to stay at your B&B and taking in your local routes.

Has been a pleasure riding the lanes of Kent with you.


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Thanks Bill, been an absolute pleasure for me too!

A little update for those interested:

Hi Brian doing act 2 is your b & b up and running for training weekends or the week of the etape thanks Terry

Afraid not Terry, we are still looking for premises at the moment. We have met some folks that run a place close by, lovely folks, no idea what their accommodation is like though. You could check with them, I'd be very close by to join you (or others) for some rides that way. Their email address is
I've also signed up for the the Etape in the Pyrenees, no idea how I will manage it, even living here getting in enough kilometres isn't as easy as you might think, what with house viewings, learning French and bits of work etc!
sorry, got their email address wrong, should find them.

Hi Brian, hope you find a place soon, doing Act 2 with 4 others and you could join us on the day (and the p up that night) if you like M8

We could try mate, but with upwards of 10 thousand might be difficult to get/keep together! I'm totally unseeded, so will be at the back, will only be 10 minutes ahead of the broom wagon, so we will need to crack on a fair pace, broom wagon trundles along at 18kph, so need to use the run from Pau to the Aubisque to open a gap (without blowing up).

Would be great to see you at the start, looks like 6 of us doing a HTC train to the Aubisque and buy you a beer at the end..  :-)


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