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G1+ = Lee, AC, CD, Rich, SG, Bill, (CM ?)
G1   = Mart, Greg, Andy Gg, Andy Gn, Roy, Hu, Pete, M
Nippy and blustery old day, but nice and sunny !
Very steady to Rye with AGg, AGn, Pete, Hu doing the decent thing
Nice americano/muffin went down well at Rye
Back into an, er headwind !

Started at Riverhill and finished at Staplehurst Station
72m at 17.0 av

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Cycled from home to the G, puncturing on arrival. ThEn gave a demo on how not to change a tyre, eventually borrowing a third tube from Bill. Lee, Andy, Bill, Rich, Steve G and I then headed to Rye! Picking up Chris M in Tonbridge who enjoyed a lie in. We split near Horsmonden and took different routes. Good pace all the way, regrouping in Rye.
For me, felt rubbish all day. My final tally Of 200km to home felt like 300km, and am very grateful to Bill and Steve staying with me back to Orpington. My ride back through Sidcup was already dire, but I celebrated in style by getting a second puncture.
Andy Cater looking good, despite comedy bike fall in Tonbridge. Obviously not used to pavement edging up north.

Another puncture!? haha, no luck with the lift home?

Comedy fall indeed, think I bounced quite well. :)

Was hanging onto Lee's wheel for grim death as far as Yalding, I've been having stomach problems for a few days so could barely bring myself to eat most of the way back- with inevitable consequences. Blew up spectacularly, reduced to crawling home even after another stop for coffee in Stone Street, Lee was riding like an animal all day- thanks again for nursing me home mate! Good to see you all again after quite a while, I have fifth reserve in an e/12/3 next Sunday so not sure if I will be out or not. 

Like Chris, I struggled a bit today - amazing how fitness seems to vary from week to week. Bill was a hero, dragging us through the wind for mile after mile (he should be grateful for the extra training we've given him).

On the plus side, the caf at Rye has started selling stunning bread pudding for the ridiculous price of 80p a wedge.  That leapfrogs them ahead of the tasty Brookside Garden Centre.  Must be room somewhere on the web site for a league table of what's really important....

First long ride this year aisde from a ride to Folkestone and felt like it.

Got to Rolvenden following Lee and Andy who were flying along, decided would struggle from Rye on the return possibly not making it back so turned back retracing to Gourdhurst then up to Wrotham and along Pilgrims.

Windy but ok, well and truly done in by home, coffee at Yalding much needed, definitely would have struggled from Rye. All in all 93 miles at 18.5. Hilly all day, coming out from Shoreham and round to  Well Hill towrads the end a pain - 5000 feet going up by the end. Will sleep well tonight!

108 miles G to G - average 19.5 mph to Rye and overall of 18.2 mph. With head wind on the way home and slowing up on the way back that's a decent average all round.

Legs took ages to get going so got dropped past Sevenoaks and again past Tonbridge. Caught up with Chris D, Steve G and Chris M at Horsemonden by which time my legs were ready to go. All took turns on the front and arrived in good time.

The ride back was mostly into a strong and gusting head wind and the small hail shower near Tenterden was a really nice touch. Not sure where it was but Chris D wasn't feeling so good so we let Lee and Andy go on and myself SG, CD & CM stayed together at a nice.

Glad to hear you eventually got him Chris, hope it wasn't long before you started felling well again.

My first ride over 69 miles for about a year, so was very happy with how I felt.

Andy C, 10 out of 10 for recovering your little tumble after Sevenoaks. I'm sure it didn't feel funny but the way it happened sure looked funny, almost in slow motion.

See you all soon.


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