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Old Portlians ZWIFT Reliability Ride (7th February 2021) @ 0930

About the event:

Created by Tony Le Vey

As you all know, any form of group riding is impossible at the moment.

Old Ports have come up with the idea of a Zwift ride in place of their normal Reliability Ride.

This will use the London Circuit (PRL half, roughly 43.6 miles). As I understand it, there will be three groups riding at various paces (>3.0 W/Kg down to around 2.0 W/Kg), and if there are over 100 riders, multiple ‘events’.

Please follow this link to see the YouTube video from Julian Hutchings at Old Portlians – this gives information on how to join the ride on Zwift – its far simpler than me trying to explain it!!

Old Portlians Reliability Ride: 7 February 2021 and you’re invited!YouTube

Any problems, then post a comment here – we have a lot of Zwift lifers who should be able to help…

Judging from my own experience with Zwift, I would suggest being set up by 0900, ready to join the meetup and prepared for a 0930 roll off.

There is no charge for this, but Old Ports / Julian are suggesting donations to The Vine Foodbank in Croydon. As the club would normally support entries for this event, we will make a donation of £5 per rider (the ‘normal’ entry fee) to this on your behalf.


The tricky bit is collating who is riding. Please let me know either by WhatsApp (Avanti Chat, G3 or G2 group) or on this event page. After the event would be better…


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