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Zoom Call - Building a Club TT Plan for 2021

About the event:

Created by Chris Dines

Everyone welcome, and more ideas the better.

Here is the Zoom link:

Topic: Time Trialling at Avant – InterClub, Opens and More
Time: Oct 7, 2020 08:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 893 7638 0147

Any problems message Chris Dines on Avanti Club Chat.

Proposed Agenda:

The aim of the meeting is to start pulling together a club plan for Time Trialling in 2021, with the focus on inclusivity, a range of different events to suit all and some fun competition across a whole season. We’d also like to regain the Inter-Club TT trophy! Agenda:


  • How to encourage participation
    • Starters event?
    • Coaching day at Cyclopark?
  • Social Trip/Cycling to a big TT event in UK (eg National Hill Climb)
  • Overseas Events (Normandy/Belgium) – and Club Support for Participation
  • Interclub Competition
    • Input to courses

Where we are lead club:

  • Sign setting
  • Creating a marshalling rota
  • Collecting and managing results
  • Club Competitions built round the Inter Club
  • Support for Open Events
    • Financial
    • TT Captaincy?
    • Long Distance and Vets
  • Coaching support – on line access to a coach? One of our coaches creating a programme
  • Marketing Time Trialling to non members – recruitment drive





  1. Richard Liston

    With regard to online coaching support and access to a coach, we could set up a gmail account/WhatsApp chat where members could leave a question about their own performance/coaching aspirations, and I could provide tips, advice and answers about most if not all aspects of coaching. If we bring in a coach from outside the club, this could possibly incur a cost. As far as I know there are two British Cycling Level II coaches in the club, and I am also a Discipline Specific coach. It might be a good time too to contact Ashley to see if she would like to become involved in the coaching side of the club.

    1. Chris Dines Post author

      Thanks Richard – could be really exciting. Just owonder whether it’s also possible to link up with analysing/commenting on training data.

      I could personally do with help on a programme by way of example. How do I get my body in shape to ensure I hit the 400mile mark on the 24Hr TT next year:-)

  2. Richard Liston

    As regards to coaching, the suggestion is that we hire Gravesend for a one-off event, and given that TT is the focus, as a Road and TT coach, I propose we put on a day of coaching TT, looking at the various aspects of becoming more efficient at riding a teem TT, looking at coaching the small details that can make a difference (at this point I should point out that we should also encourage women to take part in TTs). This coaching session will culminate in a race – perhaps four laps of the circuit, which give the teams a chance to put into practise what they have learnt, and it will provide a competitive conclusion to the coaching session. Of course, we will need sufficient numbers to put on a race, so to make in fun and instructive, we’d need as many teams of 3/4as possible.
    Going forward, I’d be happy to put on more focused coaching days.

  3. Alan Jarrett

    Hi All, TT was the main subject at our recent committee meeting. Sam Dorkins has kindly taken the role of TT Secretary. He will be very busy coordinating everyone so this will only work if we all support him. I have commited to supporting signage duties at as many Thursday evening TTs as I can and may be able to support more after I see what the program looks like. I was encouraged at a recent cyclopark TT organised by 7 Oaks. The location is good for anyone to try a TT, but has limitations for competative events. Similar closed circuits would be great, but with that comes hire costs of course.

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