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Zwift Virtual Avanti Ride @19:30 (1 hour)

About the event:

Created by Neale Napier

Zwift Virtual Avanti ride. If you’re on Zwift, I follow you on Zwift and you’re in Avanti, you’ll have the invite. Put in as little or much effort as you like, as it uses the “keep together” setting, so it’s impossible to become separated. You can cruise or smash it! We can admire each other’s bikes and gear, plus chat to each other. Hope to see you there!

1. If I don’t follow you and you’re interested, please first follow me on Zwift then give me a nudge. You’ll then be sent an invite to the meetup. You’ll get the zwift reminder to join the event 5 mins before the start.

2. We use a temp WhatsApp group to chat during the ride. This is setup on the day based on who’s riding.

3. Zwift if free for the lengths of rides we’ll be doing (25km or less).

No need to RSVP here as it’s managed in Zwift.


  1. Denis Moriarty

    Hi Tony
    Just set myself up with a standard trainer and the usual sensors, speed, cadence and Heart rate. Can use Bluetooth to connect into Zwift but for better reception the ANT+ Dongle in the laptop is better I’m told. I got a dongle from Wiggle for circa £20 and works well so far. I’m no IT guru and was quite easy to set up.

    1. Tony Le Vey

      Cheers Den… got to get a dongle as the iPad can’t do it…. laptop is the answer, but then I’m using my neighbours garage = no internet… what fun… getting long cables this week…

      next week hopefully…

      Also, still in the ‘office’ so won’t be in time to join… work is the curse of the zwifting classes!
      See you virtually very soon!!

  2. Tony Le Vey

    Basic question… bog standard set up…. non Bluetooth magnetic turbo, Garmin speed / cadence sensor (frame mounted with crank sensor and spoke magnet). Garmin 1000. Does this work with zwift?? My guess is not, but if any of you techies out there could advise, much appreciated…. just keep 2 metres away!!

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