- 09/08/2020

Dymchurch loop in the sun ☀️

Category: G1G2G3G4

Owner: mrowling

Please note the two start times.... 7:30am for the super early risers and 8am for the sleepyheads. Meet at the Royal Oak car park and form groups of 6 or less for the fantastic Dymchurch loop. Long and flat with a coffee stop a stones throw away from the beach....

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- 08/08/2020

Early Saturday route option

Category: N/A

Owner: NickPatow

Please use this event or the "Saturday WhatsApp Group" to arrange your riding groups.

It is recommended that all groups should be arranged and agreed prior to arrival at the G, and riders should look to stick to regular riding bubbles.




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- 01/08/2020

Early Saturday Ride Route option

Category: N/A

Owner: NickPatow

A route out to and round Four Elms in planned for those wishing to form their group this week.

Please use this event to organise your groups, start time and as appropriate coffee stop, either along the way or back in Orpington. This route passes the Four Elms garden centre, as well as going through Westerham, so plenty of mid ride options available this week.

I"m looking to post the route with a starting point from the G asap, but currently having problems saving it in Strava. 

If that persists, I'll post a version of the route that starts from my house, but suggest you join it at the G !


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- 29/07/2020

Avanti Virtual Ride @18:15

Category: Club Training

Owner: nealenapier

Zwift Virtual Avanti ride. If you’re on Zwift, I follow you on Zwift and you’re in Avanti, you’ll have the invite.

If you’re interested, please follow me on Zwift and you’ll then be sent an invite to the meetup. You’ll get the reminder to join the event 5 mins before the start. We use a temp WhatsApp group to co-ordinate chat before and after the ride. We use Zwift in game messaging during the ride.

No need to RSVP here as it’s managed in Zwift.

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