1. richard edmonds

    Hi, with a bit more time on my hands, am keen to look at doing some cyclocross. Steve, would appreciate advice on what footwear you use – clipping and in clipping key to the art! Did some years ago but has been years. Looking at buying a bike and have seen a few currently in sales….willing to spend £1k to £1.5k.
    Aim is to get some core fitness during the winter and see how good or not for any vet crit racing/ 10 mile TTS and then cross. Thanks, Richard Edmonds

    1. Steve Rodgers Post author

      Hi Richard
      Would be good to see you out on the bike again. I’m sure you’ll do well!
      Shimano SPD double-sided MTB pedals are ideal.
      MTB shoes, with the ability to screw in studs.
      Light and stiff shoes are good.
      Used bikes are also good value. Lots come up on the London X league Facebook group.
      Fancy joining us in the team champs? Get a taste?

  2. Steve Rodgers Post author

    We’ve not had many race reports posted yet, so I thought this would be a good place to start the habit.
    We’ve just finished round 6 of the London X League:
    The race was held at Herne Hill Velodrome – a fantastic mix of single-track in the woods and twisty grass inside the velodrome. This weekend coming is round 2 of the East Kent CX League – Northbourne Park – should be fun.

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