1. Tony Le Vey

    Chris Dines, Simon Lumsdon and myself set off at 8am sharp for a 70 mile loop down to Ashdown Forest and Duddleswell, taking in Ide Hill (There and back), Coleman’s Hatch Road and a good few lumps and bumps along the way. According to the weather forecast, the rain would clear after the early shower…mmm…they didn’t get that right – we did get a good dose of drizzle for over an hour at the tea stop and quite a few miles after. Nice and humid though… We were thinking of a petrol station costa coffee but found Perryhill nursery near Hartfield open and welcoming!

    Good strong riding from all, with Chris rediscovering form as the lockdown kilos are shed… Including an impressive turn of speed down Black Hill! Thanks to Simon and Chris for the good company. My ride totalled 70 miles and 4,800 ft of climbing at 15.4mph. Most enjoyable…even in the murk, we had some wonderful views from the top of Ashdown… with all due respect, better than Watopia!

    Like Bill’s adventure to Yalding, we were a small group. However, we can make this work going forward – threes and fours are manageable under current conditions. The key has to be safety. There are definite benefits to riding in a group, so long as everyone is happy. Come along and give it a try…. no one minds if you don’t feel comfortable and peel off… we’re all learning how to deal with this as we go along…

    Well done all those who were out today. An excellent TT from Marek after a 3:30 am start!

    As an aside, lots of cyclists out today and we did see slightly on the large size groups…

  2. Bill Fitzgerald


    Hi all.
    It was great to be able to embark on a Sunday G2 ride today and see some familiar faces.

    At the G today were, myself, Jomo, John King, Keith Cooper and Steve Matthews.
    After agreeing a suitable group split between G2 & G3 we headed off on the planned Yalding Classic route.
    As usual, once we were over the early lumps we settled into a great rhythm all taking turns on the front.
    TeaPot Island was reached in what seemed like no time at all where we all enjoyed a well earned drink courtesy of John (thanks again).
    The weather wasn’t too bad, perhaps more headwind than we anticipated and the odd patch of that annoying light drizzle which actually helped cool us down.
    After a brief overlap at the stop with Keith and Steve we headed off home into the slightly more persistent drizzle but I don’t think there was going to be anything today to stop our smiles from being back out on a G2 ride again.

    Although a small group out today, I think we have a good base to build back up on to see our group rides becoming more popular again. But like anything these days, this only works if we adhere to the guidance and rules that are there to help us all keep safe. We will definitely get there!!!

    I think the earlier G2 ride out to the Ashdown Forest was equally as successful and I look forward to hearing more about that.

    Well done to all that are still getting out there. I have grown to really like my turbo trainer, but there really is no substitute to a good ride out in the fresh air but more importantly with friends, oh and coffee of course.

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