Club Guidelines During COVID19 Pandemic

What are the current club guidelines?


At the current time, taking into account the government guidelines, GS Avanti Cycling Club does not deem it appropriate to return to regular organised group cycling activity. This position will be reviewed regularly and updated as and when possible.

The inter-club time-trial competition for 2020 has been abandoned, but there are some open TTs an races starting to be made available at a wider level – see the information below for more details.

What can we be doing right now?

  • The government guideline is that groups of no more than 6 people can get together for sporting activity whilst maintaining social distancing.
    • The practicalities of maintaining this in a group of 6 on the road is what makes this a challenge to organise as a club.
    • The BC link below explains why this is a challenge and that smaller groups on  the road are advisable, whereas on off-road areas with less traffic and bunching, larger groups are possible.
  • Smaller groups 2-3 seem to be most practical, and people have been arranging to ride together in this way since lockdown measures started easing.
    • The club cannot organise these rides and any insurance on these rides is the responsibility of individual riders – the risk is down to the individual.
    • Note that if you are organising small group rides then you must take a note of who you were riding with and when, in case there is any requirement for track and trace – either from you or other riders.
      • Should you need contact details for members in order to facilitate contact for track and trace – please contact the club – details below.
      • If you get sick and suspect or have confirmed testing of COVID19 – you must inform everyone you have ridden with in the previous 2 weeks – the club can help here but you must maintain records.
      • As groups larger than 6 are still not allowed to be gathered in public, please do not arrange for larger groups to gather before starting a ride – even if you split into smaller groups on a ride.
  • Use the club WhatsApp groups to reach out to other members and arrange regular cycling bubbles if that is appropriate – this lowers the risk of mingling with many different people.
    • Most people have a few other regulars that they end up riding with
  • Wednesday evenings we have a regular social ride online on Zwift – see the events page.

What precautions can I take when riding or planning rides?

  • Ride only as far as you are comfortable.
  • Do not depend on cafes or shops being open – be as self-sufficient as possible.
  • Ensure you have a face covering with you on rides – in case you have to enter a building – shop/cafe etc or have to take public transport.
  • Be as self-sufficient as possible in the event of incidents – be prepared for as many breakdown eventualities as possible.
    • You cannot ride in a car with someone else for a ride home, for example, and public transport is not recommended unless essential.
  • Ensure appropriate social distancing at all times – importantly at junctions and at breaks in the ride.
    • Follow guidelines for cafe stops and avoid breaking social distancing guidelines for group photos.

What plans are being made by the club?

  • We are investigating safe use of closed circuits – like Cyclopark – for group activity.
  • We are regularly reviewing options for organising socially distanced group activity on the bike, including, but not limited to, discussing options for ride leaders with small/split groups.
  • Socially distanced challenges to maintain the connections within the club.

What else could we be doing?

What information is available from the wider community?

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