Hi reader

Our usually ultra-efficient newsletter team hear at Avanti Towers is playing catch-up today.

Riding to the coast seems to be the new in thing to do - great to see some serious miles being notched up. Today we had various rides at G1/2/3 pace to the coast and back as well as the usual 40 mile Saturday ride - look forward to hearing about the stories.

A few of us enjoyed bunking off work for the day last Friday and getting in a recce of the famous cobbles of De Ronde - very much enjoying the start of the classics season! It was spookily quiet in the Belgian countryside without 1000s of beer-fuelled cycling fans making noise.

Etiquette Reminder

As spring approaches and we get more people back out on the road a gentle reminder that when you're wearing Avanti colours you're representing the whole club.

Please ride considerately and think about others whether they be pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders or drivers.

Shout out if you see anything you think might not make Avanti look good. New members especially may need things pointed out to them but old ones may too! 

Club Runs

Sunday G1/G2 – I'll be leading a 110km ride out to Bewl Water.

Sunday G3 – not sure what's happening as there was a G3 ride to the coast today - keep your peepers peeled on the website or just turn up at the G.

Sunday G4 – Denis Moriarty is leading a 40 miler out to the cafe in 4 Elms.

Mothering Sunday is next week - so we're aware that many people might want to spend time at home - can you please let us know on the events posted if you'll be turning up - we're trying to judge if there is more interest for more rides on Saturday next week instead?

Club Social/KK thank you drinks + Kit

The combined social and KK thank you drinks are on the 27th of this month and the venue has been changed to the Queen’s Head, Green St Green (was previously going to be at the Chelsfield pub).  Do come if you can, there will be drinks, a big bowl of pork scratchings, and Marek will be modelling a number of Kalas club kit items throughout the night.

You can also try on tops and shorts in sizes other M for Marek - so please come along if you have any queries about the kit.

The club shop is currently open - see the website for more info - and it will close shortly after the social so you can place an order after trying things on.

Time Trials

The April Fools TT is coming up soon - it's on Saturday 1st April - more of the calendar is being added with the season kicking off proper a few weeks later.

It's never a bad time to try out Time Trialling - all you need is you, your bike, a helmet (and importantly this year - lights on your bike). Funny helmets and leave-nothing-to-the-imagination skinsuits all help but are by no means needed at all to take part - you're racing against your own times so you get an instant PB. Also everyone that finishes gets at least one point for the club in our inter-club competition!


Welcome to Paul White who has just joined the club - hopefully we'll see him out at the TTs.

Enjoy the sun on your skin!