Hi reader,

Season's greetings from the club - hope you've been enjoying the holidays and have managed to squeeze in some extra time on the bike. I had a few rides out and about and really enjoyed the peace and quiet - if only the roads could be so quiet year-round.
Have any of you managed to complete the Rapha Festive 500 this year?
I wasn't able to attend the Christmas party this year - but it seemed like my food didn't go to waste - hope it was able to fuel some of you through the cold weeks we've had. Thanks to everyone that made that event happen - in particular Bill for organising and Dave B for yet another fabulous awards ceremony.

You might've noticed that we've not sent out a newsletter in several weeks - we've had some technical issues and also the news to share hasn't been much more some weeks than just a list of the club rides that are available on the website.
So - it would be great to get your feedback on how useful these newsletters are and if there are any other ideas you have about sharing info amongst members.
There is a lot of activity on the WhatsApp groups - if you're not already on them - ask a fellow member to add you.
Please fill in the survey here.

New Members
We've had 2 new members join recently - welcome to Henry Salmon and Allan Thurston.

It's been a very muddy CX season so far and only a few races left til it's over. Still time to try it out and then there's the team champs on the 9th Feb - great fun - post on the CX area if you are interested: - you can also check out pics from the races so far.

Track Riding
Lee Staples has setup a WhatsApp group for the track riders in the club - some members are aiming to do taster and accreditations this year - would be great to have more of us in the club riding track - you can pack a lot in in a short time.

Committee Meeting
Monday 13th Jan we'll be hosting the first club committee meeting of the year - change of venue - this time at Cycle42 - come along and have your say on how the club is managed.
2 weeks later it's the AGM - we'll circulate more info on that soon as we need to find people to fill various roles this year. We're aiming to hold this closer to home - also at Cycle42 if the club meeting goes ok there.

Club rides this weekend
Saturday rides will be kicking off again as usual this weekend - see the website for info.

Sunday Rides
We have a great local event run by West Kent Road Club - the first Reliability Trial of the year. We will have riders from various group abilities in the club out - hopefully organising into groups on the day at paces to suit. Entry is £5 - the club will subsidise entry - so no need to pay.

See you out on 2 wheels!


PS - Kentish Killer 2020 info...
KK Helping
Expect to be chased up by the marshal organisers for this year's KK soon - the event is 2 months away. We're still looking for people to help organise next year's event as the team will be changing.
We still need volunteers in the following teams - if you can help - please let us know by replying to this mail.
Management Team
Role1 Responsible for the overall planning and management of the event.
Arrange and chair KK meetings.
Ensure the steps on the project plan are completed by those allocated tasks.
Role 2 Organise venue hire, timing service, broom wagon, photographer, NEG support & mechanical support.
Communications Team
Role 2 Manage contact with clubs to secure advance entry places.
List event on British Cycling and publications.
Health & Safety
Role 1 Responsible for the review and maintenance of all event stock and signage.
Order new signage where required.
Role 2
Coordinate the placement of signage for the event.
Sponsorship Team
Role 1 Contact club members to fill all event day roles, answer queries until sector leaders take over.
Role 2 SAME