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Kentish Killer Management Team – We need your help

The summer is well and truly over, the leaves are starting to fall, we’re edging towards Halloween and the launch of the 2020 Kentish Killer is fast approaching. This is going to be the 10th anniversary of the event and we’re hoping it’ll be one of the best, check out the design and merchandise at the link below

For those of you new to the club, the KK funds the majority of the clubs activities ranging from social events, coaching sessions, time trials, sportives, subsidised kit and website development, not to mention the considerable charitable donation we make each year to the KSS Air Ambulance Service. The KK is currently managed by a small number of people who do a great job in getting the event through to event day, this isn’t sustainable so we need to build a larger management team that doesn’t rely on key individuals, and reduces the support required.

If you’re interested in joining one of the groups below please email and we’ll get in touch with you.

Lee Powell – KK Organiser

  • Kentish Killer - Organisation Teams - Roles Requiring Assistance
  • Management Team
    • Role1
      • Responsible for the overall planning and management of the event.
      • Arrange and chair KK meetings.
      • Ensure the steps on the project plan are completed by those allocated tasks.
    • Role 2
      • Organise venue hire, timing service, broom wagon, photographer, NEG support & mechanical support.
    • Role 3
      • Coordinate all sector leaders on the day
      • Coordinate feed stations coordinators on the day
      • Coordinate NEG support on day
      • Coordinate mechanical support on day
      • Coordinate broom wagon on day
      • Understand overall route and respond to problems on the day
  • Communications Team
    • Role 1
      • Respond to any entrant queries raised through the KK mailbox or via RiderHQ.
    • Role 2
      • Manage contact with clubs to secure advance entry places.
      • List event on British Cycling and publications.
    • Role 3
      • Manage all event communications on email, Facebook, Twitter and website
  • Branding and Merchandise
    • Role 1
      • Liaise with designers to develop new branding (September the year before)
      • Manage the design and purchase of branded merchandise.
      • Liaise with merchandise suppliers to order and receive delivery.
  • Inventory and Signage
    • Role 1
      • Responsible for the review and maintenance of all event stock and signage.
      • Order new signage where required.
    • Role 2
      • Coordinate the placement of signage for the event.
  • Health and Safety
    • Role 1
      • Responsible for the safety of the event.
      • Completion of a risk assessment
    • Role 2
      • Liaison with all parties in advance of the event. (police, local authorities etc.)
  • Marshal Coordinators
    • Role 1+2
      • Contact club members to fill all event day roles, answer queries until sector leaders take over.
  • Sponsorship Team
    • Role 1+2
      • Identify and contact suitable parties who may be interested in sponsoring the event.
      • Liaise with sponsors and comms team leading up to event
  • Feed Station Coordinators
    • Role 1+2
      • Book halls at Groombridge and Ide Hill.
      • Order food for both feed stations.
      • Manage feed station on event day and liaise parties managing other feed station.
Lee Powell - Event Organiser