Hi reader,

Christmas is nearly upon us, and in this delayed edition of the newsletter (My apologies), all weekend rides will now be coming to an end.
Maybe some will head out on Christmas Eve ? If so why not pop a note on the website and see if there are others keen to avoid the last minute stresses at home !

This weeks Christmas Party:

Wednesday saw the social event of the year unfold at the Bickley Manor Hotel. For those who didn't make it, the night was a great success, with great food, great company, great music and just a few glasses of the alcoholic stuff consumed.
Congratulations to all the trophy winners, and a little word of thanks to all who have contributed so much this year to make the club as special as it is.
The highlight for many proved to be Dave B taking to the dance floor. It was brilliant to see him enjoying himself so much :-).
There have been calls for video taken of his moves to posted in Utube, but fear not Dave, it will remain in the private domain !

An extra big thank you to Bill Fitzgerald, for all his organisation to bring together such a successful evening, and to Johnnie Owen who with his band provided some great music to dance the night away to.


Come along to catch up on goings on or contribute ideas and how you think the club could get to the next step. As you may have seen in ‘Club chat’ Alan Jarrett has put ‘near-miss’ reporting on the agenda – sad that we have to discuss it but it’s a sign of the times and the club is open to all views. There is fun stuff to talk about too!

The rides we had this weekend

The two groups went out on a loop round to Westerham, taking in Chartwell and Sunridge Hills on the way back to burn a few pre Christmas calories.


G2 headed out on a gentle paced route to bring their riding to a close before the festivities under the stewardship of Chris Dines

G3 undertook a loop round to Poppies, culminating in once pies and coffees.

G4 were to head out depending on numbers.

At this post ride stage of the weekend, I trust all enjoyed their rides, coffee and cakes. Hopefully a few will share some stories on the website later.


Is anyone more committed to their cycling than Claire Watson ?

Over coffee yesterday following the Saturday ride, Claire asked if anyone else has still to put up their Christmas tree ?
The overwhelming consensus was we'd all had our trees up for weeks, and the question turned to why had Claire not got hers up yet ?

The answer :

"I'm going have to move the indoor trainer if I'm going to put the tree up"

I'm starting see why Claire and Rob were so successful with the awards on Wednesday evening :-)

Time to sign off now, but not before wishing you all a fantastic Christmas.
Keep your eyes peeled for the ride information for the coming weekend, and if not out then, I look forward to seeing you all back on your bikes in the New Year.

Happy Christmas one and all.