Kentish Killer help please, you know you want to.

Evening All,
Tony Le Vey and I are coordinating the marshalling for the 2018 Kentish Killer. We are looking for helping hands and I would appreciate it if you can take a moment to read the following note.
Some club members have already generously offered to help set the event up and to help run it on the day. If you have been contacted and have responded then please ignore the following.
However if you have not been approached then please read on.

The Kentish Killer funds the majority of the clubs activities ranging from social events, turbo training, coaching sessions, subsidised kit and website development, not to mention the considerable charitable donation we make each year to the KSS Air Ambulance Service.
 It takes over 100 volunteers to run the event and we rely on the support provided by club members and the KSS Air Ambulance service hence the main reason for this mail.

I'm writing to ask if Tony and I can rely on your support for the 2018 event.
I know it's asking a lot but as you'll know, the event requires plenty of willing hands so if you can help out we would really appreciate it.

Can you help? Please answer ALL the questions below responding to the email addresses at the foot of this note (do not reply directly to this newsletter, not even sure if that's possible!).

1. Can you help add route signs on Saturday Morning 24th February 2018 Yes/No
2. Can you help out on event day Sunday 25th February 2018 Yes/No

If you can help out on event day please answer the following:

2. What time are you available Morning/Afternoon
3. Do you have your own transport? 

4. Can your vehicle carry bikes and are you willing to help?
If so please specify how many Yes/No, 1/2/3/4?

Please can you reply as soon as possible to allow us to finalise the list. If you can’t help please do not reply as it helps reduce email traffic, thanks.

Thank you for taking the time to read this note.

Alistair Drysdale
Tony Le Vey

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