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Bank hols is one working day away so if you have plans then enjoy them, if not then there are few rides listed for the weekend. If you are around please see if you can join them as rider numbers may be in shorter supply due to the Bank holiday. Come along and support your club and the ride leaders.

Weekend rides

Ride on time (That’s 8.00am Saturday)
Those girding their loins early on Saturday can join Nick Patow for an approx 60k. As ever the ride leaves the G (Royal Oak car park, Green St Green) at 8.00 prompt. Pace to suit those assembled. Please indicate your desire to get out of bed early and ride and download the route if you wish HERE

Sunday G3. This one is 9.15 start, same start point.
Join Ian Soper and crew on a ride to the Isle of Grain and back. Sign up so Ian knows likely numbers HERE

Cycling on Biggin Hill’s runway! Yes really.
Saturday 23 June.

Alternative tabloid heading “runway success”, or “plane brilliant cycle challenge” pick your fave and read on…
5k run / 15k bike race fundraiser for Foal Farm animal rescue centre, Biggin Hill and Chartwell Cancer Trust.

Sounds like it might be great fun while helping crooked small bunnies and arthritic hamsters into the bargain. There is no fundraising for participants, a £20 pp entry fee covers that. It’s fair to assume the planes will be grounded although if not, it could be a real test of your sprinting acumen.

See an abridged note from Richard Sanders of Foal Farm and if this pumps your tyres, then join up via the link at the end of the paragraph.

“The event is a 15k early morning race on the historic runways of the famous Biggin Hill Airport, home of the RAF! There is also the option of doing a 5k run.
It will be a lovely friendly event, with a one-off opportunity to ride in a really unusual location – and to enjoy the sunrise with a cup of tea and a free breakfast (included in your race entry fee).
More detail and sign up HERE

Training at CycloPark

We have another session booked for training at CycloPark on Saturday 14th July. Hone your skills without worrying about over eager / underskilled drivers . Full details here

New Penshurst bike facility and yogic carrot cake – who knew?

I’m probably the last to know. Stumbled across this recently while out riding – some sort of bike road/offroad family friendly dining, yoga, wellbeing retreat mash-up (can’t quite tell) bike track in the woods near Penshurst. A very cool wooden cafe with rooftop terrace and good food . Website (www.kingdom.co.uk) is light on detail regards the bikes bit, but if you are in the area you could drop in and snoop about and see if it’s interesting, or not. Seems like very early days. Here is some PR waffle. that’s my little food pun right there.

For some reason I can't link to the website so if you are interested, cut and paste this into a browser.


New Members

Welcome to new club members William Tarrant and Ben Joyce, great to have you in the club and see you on a ride soon.

Ghost in the machine

Someone uploaded a pic of an old boy into my Avanti profile, because I was too lazy too. On closer inspection, turns out it’s me. Thank you someone. Didn’t know my nose was so beaky and since when did I have 100% silver hair? Sigh, thought I was about 25.

Enough of my yakkin'

Due to a post GCSE and AS level mad revising week and the need for a family wind-down to defuse the tension, I will be visiting Rye with the family on 4 wheels rather than 2 so no riding for me. Let’s hope a seagull doesn’t knick my Scotch egg this time.

Happy safe riding everyone and enjoy the long weekend. Alistair.

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